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In the aftermath of the earthquake that flattened and destroyed the area around Port-au-Prince in 2010, Jean—who was born and raised in Haiti and whose first language is Creole—rushed to help in any way he could.

But when a friend named Fa Fa was carjacked and killed while transporting bodies to a graveyard, Jean “went completely insane.” “I forgot who I was, all that I had done, everything,” Jean writes.

I knew this situation couldn’t last, but I didn’t care; I was going to try to work it for as long as I could.

And I think most men in my position would have done the same.”But Hill wasn’t easy to be with (the two were either “deeply in love or fighting; there was no middle ground”), so Jean ultimately chose to marry Claudinette—and he invited Hill to the wedding: “I went with the woman who was down-to-earth, who had always and still tells me to believe in myself, and who believes in me and what I want to achieve—even after all I’ve done and all I’ve put her through to this day,” Jean writes in praise of his wife.

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The first time Jean laid eyes on Lauryn Hill: Lauryn Hill and Jean met when the two were still teenagers (Jean a senior in high school and Hill a freshman).“She knows all the wrong I’ve done and she’s forgiven me and we are still together, because nothing can come between the love we have for each other.” Hill attended Jean and Claudinette’s wedding ceremony and reception—“and that was definitely heavy,” Jean admitted.Despite that Hill was watching the man she loved marry another woman, Jean writes that “she respected the day so there was no confrontation because I’d told her that I’d made up my mind and that was it.“Lauryn’s beautiful, and because of her looks and her talent and everything we shared with each other—from songs to books to lyrics—love was bound to grow,” he writes.“I was with both of these incredible women at the same time, which isn’t something to be proud of but it was definitely unavoidable. I meant it when I say I loved them both, because I did.

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