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Glenda, who is having an affair with Phil, discovers the theft; when Phil dumps her, she urges Roxy to steal back her money as revenge, but they are caught.Phil manages to convince Roxy that it is Glenda who stole her money; he plants money in Glenda's wardrobe and Roxy sends her away.

Archie is murdered, having made numerous enemies in Walford.He drives Roxy and Amy drive to a frozen lake, revealing he intends to kill them all.Roxy gets Amy to safety, but she and Sean fall through the ice.When Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) babysits Amy, she almost drowns in the bath when he leaves her alone.She is revived but Jack accuses Roxy of neglect then attempts to gain custody of Amy; he is awarded this temporarily and stops Roxy having any contact with Amy.

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