When did celine dion start dating renee

The couple married, and then after much hardship they finally became parents, making all of their wildest dreams come true.

Celine is happy to share her music with the world, but her children? While she keeps a lot of the family details private, we managed to find 20 things about Celine and her late husband's kids that they tried to keep on the DL.

The vocal powerhouse that is Celine Dion has lived the majority of her life in the spotlight.

The singing sensation from the north hit the entertainment scene when she was only twelve years old.

Celine had long dreamed of becoming a parent along with her true love Rene.

Their love was one that people on the outside gawked and whispered about, and we get it.

Making that first dream of hers come true didn't take too much, but making the second one happen was nothing if not hard work and sacrifice.

In her quest to add to her family, Celine endured a pregnancy loss in between her firstborn son and the birth of her twin boys.

She spoke candidly about the experience in an interview with Oprah but was ever the picture of positivity when she told the famous host that they had tried four times to make a baby stick, but felt as if five was going to be the lucky number.

As of September of 2014, Rene Angelil is still living, though in poor health.

He was diagnosed with throat cancer in April of 1998 and has undergone several surgeries since then.

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