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We certainly wanted the idea of the second date to pay off for the audience, but we didn’t want to be so prescriptive to, I guess, limit our daters into what they truly and honestly wanted to do.” Basra’s decision, Culvenor said, “was an authentic and honest choice.”Though some frustrated viewers wish she had given a second chance to her fellow divorcé, senior account executive Manny, Basra said she didn’t see much long-term potential there: “As you get older, you’re more self-aware,” she said. We just had this weird bonding moment with strangers.” For the record, however, Basra is pretty sure no one is still dating the people they chose on the series—although Luke and Victoria are still “talking,” if not “full-on dating,” as are Sarah and Max.

“I knew I didn’t feel the need to lead anyone on just because I could have a second date with someone.”Basra told Vulture she’s watched the entire first season of already, and that she and the rest of the daters recently hung out after meeting for the first time as a group. “I literally feel like Luke and Sarah are my little brother and sister. I don’t want Sarah to focus on the negative comments. Ah, well—there’s always Tinder.— What 2019’s Oscar nominees wore to their first Oscars— Is this the anti- dating show we’ve been waiting for?

During their date, Justin berated the divorced Gurki for marrying a man even though she had doubts about their engagement—then splitting from him. “If you kind of watch the beginning of the date, you can kind of imagine [Gurki and Justin] clicking—and obviously it doesn’t go that way because they have a fundamental disagreement about how people live their lives,” he said.“If anything, we’re very proud to sort of present that conversation in a quite accurate and sort of honest way,” Culvenor continued.

“Who says yes to getting married and you have doubts? “Because Gurki’s such a strong woman, I don’t think she needs anyone to defend her or, frankly, wrap her in cotton wool, because she so articulately expresses her points of view.”To be clear, Basra told Vulture, she didn’t necessarily cry after the date because of Justin himself: his comments stirred up a whole host of emotions.

But as Basra told Vulture, in a recent interview, “I cried a lot more than it showed.” Still, Basra said she was glad she went on the show at all—and executive producer Chris Culvenor agrees.

”Throughout the date, Basra maintained a surprising level of composure, although she eventually (understandably) suggested that she and Justin go ahead and part ways early.

Some of the dates go stupendously; others, not so much. That said, the show still shows its seams occasionally, betraying its status as a reality show.

Gurki Basra’s meet-up with a dater named Justin was the second kind. Culvenor told that matches for each dater were selected based on the sorts of people they might encounter in their real dating lives.

“Since the show aired, I’ve gotten, I don’t know, a thousand messages. I didn’t realize I was going through that until I saw it on the screen.”Her vulnerability has endeared viewers to Basra, as has the way her episode ends: she is the only contestant in Season 1 who ultimately chose not to go on a second date with anyone.

The series is rife with opportunities to question the personality defects of the contestants and the judgment of the producers. (There is, after all, something simultaneously leering and belittling in his voice when Cory says, “I work in real-estate development,” and he replies, “Oh, shit, that’s fun! Is Justin (“I had a friend tell me, ‘Hey, get your real-estate license,’ and I joined a really amazing team”) simply being a drunken jerk when he berates Gurki for her attitude toward her failed marriage—or is he a drunken jerk making an important point? We are five episodes into a narrative about four heterosexual couples who have descended on a tropical locale and then parted ways, perhaps permanently; the ladies head up to the mountain villa, where they keep company with freelance casanovas. (“This is what I expected to do when I came to the island,” Jake, one of the tempters, said.

How inadvisable was it to end an episode that concludes with a interracial match with a beat about a cup of coffee fixed with “brown sugar”? “That and tempting women, obviously.”) The guys head down to the beach villa, which is stocked with single women; the ladies’ missions, as television personalities, include the lodging of entertainingly bizarre grievances.

It’s Valentine’s Day, but Ashlie doesn’t have that special someone.

Stephen tries to help her find Mr Right – but the road to true love is never smooth!

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