Was emma watson dating tom felton

Both are simply “good friends,” which is given since they have known and worked with each other since they were at their teens.

There’s a bond alright — something that they share with the rest of the “Harry Potter” cast after eight consecutive blockbusters. Australia in an article entitled “Emma & Tom: More Than Friends?

You see, the picture he posted isn't just any old picture of two old buds hanging at a bar or whatever.

No, Felton posted a picture of himself teaching Watson how to play the guitar in what appears to be a living room in South Africa.

He posted the picture along with the super cute yet simple caption, "Quick learner x." Oh, and for those of you who aren't in the know with British slang, "x" is something British people commonly add to the end of messages, and it means "kiss."And just when you thought things couldn't get any more intimate or cute between the two childhood friends, they also just so happen to be dressed in their and Felton looks like he just got out of the shower. They're making music together in a living room dressed in their pajamas.

If that's not the most intimate thing you've ever heard in your life, I don't know what is.

Potterheads, who are still thirsty for more updates on all things related to the Potterverse, picked up the rumor and started shipping the two, giving them nicknames such as “Dramione” and “Feltson.”Of course this isn’t their first dating gossip. But you can't deny that opposites attract, and eight years after Felton followed this up immediately with another photo, of him sitting on the beach wearing a feminist slogan tank top. What we do know for certain is that Watson and Felton have been hanging out a bunch over the past year.Over the past few years, many have always speculated that any man Emma Watson has been seen with, she’s dated.Back in February, Watson uploaded a stunning Instagram photo of herself in a car, where she tagged Felton as the photographer. On November 2019, Watson shared another selfie — a video this time — where they rode his long board together.And she was helping to promote Felton’s web series “Origin” in the caption.

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