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The women moved into Strathcona and Hastings North in search of new places to work. When police enforce anti-prostitution laws in one area, sex workers simply relocate, she explains – and when residents of the next area complain to the police, it can often get pushed right back to where it started. Would she lobby to have the sex workers pushed out yet again, or would she try something different?[pagebreak] Curiously, despite all the attention street-level sex workers get, experts estimate only 10 to 15 per cent of the sex industry in B. is based outdoors, with most of it taking place in homes, hotels or municipally licensed businesses.The industrial area Barnes represents has long been host to street-level prostitution – a result, she says, of a city-sanctioned strategy to get sex workers away from residential neighbourhoods.“Along with the sex workers came the pimps, the drug dealers and the johns.With the Olympics coming and the world’s eyes about to train on our most glaring urban sore – Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – B. is becoming a battleground where we might finally have to decide how prostitution fits in our society.

If the same sort of thing happens in the Downtown Eastside, where will the trade go next?In Canada, despite these quasi-legal arrangements, most people who engage in sex work are technically breaking criminal law; it’s difficult not to.It is, for example, illegal to operate a “bawdy house,” or brothel, meaning a sex worker can’t use her home to meet clients.The Downtown Eastside has long been the exception: sex workers have had a near-constant home there since the birth of the city over 120 years ago.But with the agreement in 2004 to turn the central Woodward’s building into a condo complex, the area has been the focus of a flurry of gentrification, and many are wondering if the new, more upscale denizens will tolerate the area sex trade. In the early ’80s, West End residents obtained an injunction against street-based sex workers in their neighbourhood.

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So light industrial areas became these areas of human misery,” Barnes notes.

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