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On the back-end, we will create a simple PHP script which will email the form submissions and also validate the input on the server side.Validation on the server side is necessary in case the user had disabled Java Script on their browser.We will be creating a simple feedback form with fields: name, email and message.We will also look at how we can label the form elements, align them so that they look good and finally some validation right on the client side.It is always good to do validations on the server side as well.

The back-end script receives the form submission and does the heavy stuff like emailing the form submissions or saving to a database.

Both the front-end and the back-end are essential for a functional web form.

In this quick and simple tutorial, we will build an email form in Dreamweaver. PHP is a simple, easy, popular server-side scripting language.

In the code view, place the paragraph tags around each of the labels for the controls. You should also place a closing tag Now, we would like to have the feedback sent to us via email. We will use a piece of PHP script which will make use of the mail() function to send the contents of the feedback form to an email that we specify. The first part of the script is a bit of validations to make sure the form is submitted. Note that the PHP code above redirects to a page after successful form submission. Just make sure that your user gets the message that the form is submitted.

Once all your pages – the form page, the PHP script and thank you page – are ready, just upload to your website and test it out.

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