Usps express mail tracking not updating

All though if you need to ship something valuable / important don't use USPS. Those boxes you ship via USPS usually depending upon delivery time they actually get put in bag bundles, and shipped via UPS/Fedex in bundled bags to the recieving town post office!

M Bacon, ive outlined what each one is good at from my own expirence.

It can take quite a bit of time for the shipment to get through Customs as well as get sorted through your local postal carrier.

I would also say that an average for 1 out of 100 packages would get lost in the mail. We sent an overnight when we moved to this area, which had a check in it to pay for heating oil in our new home.

Now, you can get all the USPS package shipping data into your mailbox with Parcel Monitor.

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Thank you Package is supposed to arrive in the next day or two to AMERICA but instead the status of my package hasn't changed in the past 4 days and is still stuck somewhere in INDIA. They charged me for a supposedly express delivery.

Never order anything internationally, you'll never get it in time or get enough information about where your package is. It was just 2 bottles of prenatal vitamins for my niece in Peru. Will the package get there when the baby is born perhaps? They tell me is stuck in transit in Miami, FL and it can be like that indefinitely...nice!

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