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Workbook Factory; /** * This program illustrates how to update an existing Microsoft Excel document. * * @author */ public class Excel File Update Example5 to the project’s classpath.

4 down vote favorite 1 Hello Friend I'm trying to figure out how I can go about updating my XML file.

) looks like this: Now, we are going to write Java code to update this Excel file by this manner: append 4 more books to the list.

This program reads the above Excel file and updates it by adding 4 more books to the list:package net.codejava.excel; import

JAXP provides support for XML schema and an XSLT compiler.

You may have different usernames and passwords than the defaults in the sample data.

Nodes in an XML document can now exceed 64 KBytes by a large amount.

Thus JPEG, Word, PDF, RTF, and HTML documents can be more readily stored.

I know how to read and write, but no idea how to update an existing record.

Oracle XML parsing reads an XML document and uses DOM or SAX APIs to provide programmatic access to its content and structure.

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