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After trying for several hours wasted trying to follow the instructions on installing a map download I have come to the conclusion that the navdesk software is a load of rubbish.

A little more info would be good and then I'd be happy to assist. Went to update my maps (because I received and email this morning) and it comes up with the error message: "sorry your map data can no longer be synchronised and backed up. Please reconnect your device and try again" Running Navdesk 7.50.

It also lets users have an idea related to various other factors like the crowd situation as well as time duration to reach somewhere.

While GPS devices, such as the Navman, can help us navigate to our destinations using turn-by-turn directions, they must also be updated to include new roads and routes.

In order to get the most up-do-date GPS experience from your Navman, you'll have to update it occasionally to keep up with the constant change.

Updates can be achieved with older Window versions.

I now have a new computer running Windows 10 & cannot update maps as the software is not compatible.

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