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By default (since it is probably needed every time when Jolokia is installed), AMX is booted to provide the most userful information over JMX.If registering of an Config MBean doesnt work because there has been already one be registered with the same name by another agent, a warning is giving out and a UUID is adde to the object name, so startup works as usual.If set to "false", then the original name as registered is used.

By default this is set to "true" in which case an alphabetical ordering for the keys is used.

In addition "agent Type", "agent Description" and "agent Id" are added as possible configuration options.

Introduced new configuration parameter "log Handler Class" which can be used to specify an alternate Log Handler for the WAR and JVM agent.

By default this is "text/plain" (but "application/json" can be useful, too).

Increased test coverage to 80.5%, documented public API to 100% (plus 100% rules coverage, 0% duplications, 0% package tangle index ...).

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In addition it is now possible to configure a whitelist with patterns which are allowed as targets in the proxy mode.

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