Updating list items in sharepoint

If I add a serveritem to the serverlist and I add 'nic1' and 'nic2' to its nic-lookupcolumn, how can I have sharepoint automatically add this new serveritem to 'nic1' and 'nic2''s server-lookupcolumn?

Samples Class Delete List Item Shared Sub Main () Dim site Url As String = " Server/sites/My Site Collection" Dim client Context As New Client Context(site Url) Dim o List As List = client Context. If you want to retrieve both a start and end count of the list items, you must execute two queries and return the item count twice, as shown in the following modification of the previous example.

All solutions I find suggest coding in ASP.net, but I have no experience with it.

(On a separate note, how do I remove the Server-column from the form for a new nic-item?

Get By Title("Announcements") Dim item Create Info As New List Item Creation Information() Dim o List Item As List Item = o List. However, if your code must create a new folder, for example, you must set the Underlying Object Type of the List Item Creation Information to Folder. A Server Exception is returned if the Delete Object() method is called for an item that does not exist.

Execute Query() End Sub End Class End Namespace Because the previous example creates a standard list item, you do not need to set properties on the List Item Creation Information object before it is passed to the Add Item(List Item Creation Information) method. So, for example, the second item in a list might not have 2 as its identifier.

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