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You just need to locate the Xlink BT in a place where you'll be able to set your cell phone nearby.Some users have also reported crackling and other sound disturbances, even when their mobile phone is placed close to the XLink BT.The best part is that devices from Polycom are compatible with Google Voice, which is (currently) free for domestic calls made within the United States, and comparatively cheap for international calls.There are a few catches with this avenue: (a.) the Obi200 (and their other models) does not currently support rotary dialing, so you need to buy an additional device to be able to dial out; (b.) the device does not automatically support emergency 911 calls (although there are ways to add this feature, for a small annual fee); (c.) you may need to adjust some of the settings on the Obi200 so it will work with your rotary phones.I just disconnected the cable from my printer and plugged it into the Xlink BT.

I like it because I use my i Phone all of the time anyway to access the internet and send text messages, so it makes sense for me to pair my antique telephone with my i Phone while I'm at home.

I currently have two phones attached (through a line splitter) with this this type of mechanical ringer, and haven't had a problem - but this is something else to consider.

It appears that some of these problems can be minimized or eliminated by ensuring the XLink BT is not placed near another wireless device (such as a Wireless internet router) or electrical device that might be interfering with the signal.

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Decide whether you want to use antique phones with your mobile phone service, your home internet service, a cable-based phone service, a traditional land-line service or some combination of these and follow the links below.

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