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If you requested an absentee ballot, and have not provided the required identification, you must include a copy of the required identification with your returned absentee ballot.You are exempt from this requirement if you meet any of the following: The deadline to register to vote is 29 days before any election.You can update your registration record at any time, but for a Primary Election, party changes must be completed 29 days before that election.You will be contacted if your new application is incomplete, denied or a duplicate of an existing registration.To use the Online Voter Registration System you must have a valid driver’s license or identification card issued by GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) with signature on file with DDS. If you do not have a valid driver’s license or identification card, the link below will allow you to manually submit a paper registration. Fill out the card completely, including the registration updates section at the bottom of the card and return the card to your county elections office.

To vote at the polling place on Election Day, the completed application must be submitted on or before the third Friday before the election.

If you registered by mail and are a first time voter in Florida and you have not been issued a current and valid Florida driver’s license, Florida identification card, or social security number, you must provide a copy of a If you vote at the polls, and cannot show picture and signature identification, you must vote a provisional ballot.

Visit Registerto Vote to submit online a new registration or an update to your existing record, or to use the system to prepopulate, print, sign and mail in a paper application.

If your driver license address is not current, please update your address with the Driver License Division.

This must be done before submitting your online voter registration.

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