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IM (Instant Messaging) was designed for one-on-one or conferencing, much like telephones.Everyone has a unique nickname or number that you must know in order to contact them with a message, send them a file, or do a real-time chat, depending on what your program supports.To check your email(which is usually done automatically) (that is, to download new messages and send the ones in the outbox) click the ‘Check Mail’, ‘Send and Receive’ or other similar button.

You type something in a text box at the bottom and press either the ‘Enter’ key or the ‘Send’ or ‘Say’ button and your messages is visible to everyone in the chat-room in the text box above, including yourself.

So there may be an icon of an envelope with a star or something like that.

Remember to use tool-tips to find out what buttons with no labels are called.

(To create a new mailbox there should be a ‘Create new mailbox’ on the menu or on a popup-menu for the Inbox.) Some emails have attachments, these are files that are in the email that you can open and/or save.

The universal icon for attachments is a paper clip.

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All new messages go into your Inbox, unless you have filters set up (we will not be discussing filters in this book).

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