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The surface luminescence (thermoluminescence, TL or OSL) dating has been developed and further refined on various aspects of equivalent dose determination, complex radiation geometry, incomplete bleaching etc.A historical review of the development including important applications, along with some methodological aspects are discussed.Internal dose rates of K-feldspar grains were calculated from the measured internal content of potassium, uranium, thorium and rubidium in the bulk of K-feldspar grains using solution ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis.A substantial scatter in single-aliquot values was observed which is most probably due to the effect of incomplete bleaching of fluvial sediments before burial.Luminescence on some thermoluminescence emission centres in Prescott, J.

Further investigations of the quartz archaeology sediments.

Extending thermoluminescence dating to geolo- Singarayer, J. Thermoluminescence dating study of quartz in environment.

Thermoluminescence dose rate data and dating samples. Assessing the Tracks and Radiation Measurements 13, —.

A minimum age model was applied to extract possible depositional ages.

Daylight radiation resets luminescence ‘clock’ to zero on rock surfaces, but transmission depends on the transparency of the rock.

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