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~ Finding Your Vocation Wednesday, August 5: 7PM ~ Theology on Tap"How is Scripture Relevant to My Life?"Charleston’s, New Lenox Monday August 10: 7 PMLove, Life, Etc.My friends and I often reflect and, unfortunately, lament our experiences of dating in the modern age.For us, the last few years have consisted of unengaging dates, “potentials” that were met at bars only to fizzle out over texting after a few days, undefined relationships, scanning the faces at church for guys our age, and the unfulfilling cycle of downloading Hinge “just to see what’s out there” and deleting it 36 hours later feeling emptier than before.So many of our problems when it comes to modern dating and relationships stem from having lost sight of its purpose.

“Marital joy can be experienced even amid sorrow; it involves accepting that marriage is an inevitable mixture of enjoyment and struggles, tensions and repose, pain and relief, satisfactions and longings, annoyances and pleasures, but always on the path of friendship, which inspires married couples to care for one another: ‘they help and serve each other.’” (Francis, Amoris Laetitia, 126) “You don’t sign up to live with a saint,” David and Rachel shared, “you sign up to make someone a saint, and you give them permission to make you a saint too.” And isn’t this what love truly is?Where there is sorrow and sacrifice, there is also beauty and joy that surrounds it!In the Book of Tobit, Tobias’s pursuit of Sarah is met with the joy of receiving his bride.In the best way possible, your spouse becomes the cross you carry.” The cross becomes a way of purification.Jesus sacrificed in order to purify his spouse, the Church.

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