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Including comprehensive local TAS news coverage today; road accidents, TAS weather forecast, crime, police news, politics, sports news and airport updates.

Aboriginal people inhabited Trowunna (Tasmania) for up to 40 000 years before white settlement and practised a hunter and gatherer economy.

To address these knowledge gaps and better inform teaching practice, this project will explore the needs of Tasmanian teachers in schooling contexts.

Grant is particularly interested in bisexual and queer-identifying women’s understandings of sexuality and gender identity and the implications these have for education and healthcare access.

Dr Grant completed her undergraduate degree and postgraduate studies at the University of Tasmania.

Current Australian sociological research on sexual health is predominantly quantitative and tends to focus on heterosexuals’ and gay men’s experiences.

By allowing queer young women’s experiences, needs and concerns to ‘speak’ through this research, the project aims to collect evidence to inform the ongoing improvement of social supports, public policy, education and health service provision in Tasmania and beyond.

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