Tape captures officer intimidating driver

Under the dual sovereignty doctrine, different sovereign states can prosecute a defendant multiple times for thesame offense.

This Note argues that the due process This Note argues that the Constitution gives Congress exclusive authority over office creation.

This directive does not apply to standard ‘police’ labeled clothing.4-202 EQUIPMENT – EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITY (08/13/02)(A-C)All employees are responsible for the department equipment they use.

This Note argues that both defenders and critics have overlooked an important value served by peremptory strikes beyond impartiality: democratic legitimacy.

This Essay proposes a “Predominance Test” that limits the most egregious gerrymanders by comparing challenged maps to maximally compact plans to test whether compactness predominates over lower-tier and discretionary criteria.

, spent time in nonmarital relationships while awaiting the right to wed.

This year, the Yale University Press published a new edition of the classic, incorporating new material by constitutional theorist Philip Bobbitt.

Bobbitt’s contribution to the new edition appears in this Essay.

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Just as elections help legitimate the state’s coercive power, jury selections help legitimate the trial’s coercive power.

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