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Once on the pavement she stood angrily and they had the following conversation: She refused to budge, at which point most of us would have walked off at the preposterous injustice of having to apologize for saving someone’s life – but not John, as I said he was good at dealing with Taiwanese, so he replied as follows: “I am sorry for losing my temper – You know how much I love you and so I panicked.”She forgave him immediately no doubt giving him the best sex of his life that evening.We listened in admiration because while we all loved the idea of the Taiwanese girl we weren’t so good at handling them ourselves.In those cases I would suggest you look not to the failure of this but to personal issues with the girl: spoilt bitch, psycho or doormat.I have been in Taiwan for nearly fifteen years, deciding to complicate life by adding cultural confusion to the mix of going from cocky early twenties guy to more mature family man.Along the way I have gone through almost every stage that we foreigners do unconsciously trying to reconcile culture shock, love of Taiwan and home.I have also spent alot of my time outside of teaching, being the only foreigner in local companies - big, small, legit and borderline.

One of the first things you think when you first start dating a Taiwanese girl is that they are ‘so nice.’ As if there is something in their heart that is just nicer than other races or cultures. Just take an Asian airline compared to a European or North American one.

Another thing we like to say is the women don’t compete with us – At every turn they don’t try and show men that they can do it as well or better than them.

Well, they don’t, but of course it has its drawbacks.

The more likely explanation is you come from two different cultures separated by 5000 years of different culture. You are getting to the stage of the relationship where you have to start making decisions together and you will disagree on many things – and your cultural differences are no longer such fun.

She has a face problem and drops into passive aggressive mode.

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