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The young woman was boating on Lagoon Lake with a boyfriend on July 28, 1912, when she decided to change places and row the boat.

The young man disagreed with that action, but she stood up anyway, the boat rocked and both fell out. "Railroad man is killed at Lagoon." Albert Fulton, 27, a Denver & Rio Grande Railroad employee, died at Lagoon on July 15, 1914 when he struck his head on the bottom of the pool and fractured his skull.

A passenger in a shell-like boat with a friend, Fred Naisbitt, the boat capsized when the two were changing oars.

Reeder, who could not swim, sank to the bottom and Naisbitt nearly lost his own life trying to save him. The June 6, 1909 Ogden Standard-Examiner article on the accident noted that Lagoon management has made no effort to patrol the lake, to keep it safer.

With just 2 ride fatalities from 1960 to 2017 (by using a half-million annual visitors as average before 1980 and one million a season thereafter), the odds of being killed on a Lagoon ride would pan out at about 2 chances in 47 million of dying on a ride.

Furthermore, with only 18 known fatalities in the park’s long history, dating back to 1886, from any kind of accident (plus at least four illness-related deaths), that isn’t a bad safety record at all.

He was under the water 10 minutes before he was located, pulled out and resuscitation was used unsuccessfully.No one – including his father – could reach him before the coaster came back around a second time and struck him on the tracks. Note that thereafter, Lagoon enhanced the restraints on this ride to hopefully prevent any future such accidents.Kilee King, 13, of Bountiful, died July 9, 1989, after she fell 35 feet from the lead car of the roller coaster ride.The ride operator hastily decided to give the riders a second ride and failed to notice that Beckstead – in the rear car -- was already almost out of his seat, believing the ride to be over.Beckstead was tossed out of the ride and stuck in between the tracks.

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