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Chances are she will say it was during her childhood.

And before you go even further, depending on how well you know her, you may want to ask if she’s ever experienced an emotionally traumatic event. But before you get scared off by the unknown, educate yourself!

Some techniques are positive, and others are negative. But the biggest factor in finding a positive coping mechanism is age. If a person is older chances are they learned techniques that are considered socially acceptable.

When they heard about President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt’s bear hunt, and his refusal to shoot a wounded bear, they sewed together a stuffed animal and gave it to the President. (They use small plastic pellets, called poly beads.) 3. At Beary Cheap can see some of the materials that professional stuffed animal makers use.

Items on display will range from table radios to toasters to icons of rock ‘n’ roll and the Space Age.

It was created by Morris and Rose Michtom, New York City candy shop owners, and part time stuffed animal makers. At can learn how a Beanie Baby is made from start to finish.

Remember to brush your animal with a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging the fur. Did you know one Steiff teddy Girl sold in a Christies auction for 1,600.00.

Some animals can even be washed in the washing machine (as long as it’s on the delicate or gentle cycle).

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Authenticated stuffed animals dating back more than half a century have sold for more than $500 each, according to dealer catalogues.

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