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I had a bad relationship with someone who dated/courted me (even though he had a long-distance girlfriend at the time). He then unexpectedly cut off all ties with me with no explanation (but I later found he was dating someone else and their relationship was very public). I have never agreed with the idea of a perfect partner or a soul mate but isn't it that even though we keep growing through out our lives there is still some basic characteristics in one's personality that do not change, and these can be the ones that attract people to each other and bind them over time. No, life wasn't always perfect and we had our share of tough times, but we worked it out, because we were believers in our love.I wondered whether he was ashamed of me and I wondered why I let myself be deluded by his charm. I tend to distrust men's friendliness towards me and I try to avoid men who are too friendly, too outgoing (basically men who remind me of this person). Education is wonderful, but if through it you loose the wonder of faith, whimsy, and hope, that is just sad. I graduated from a good college and have taken post graduate classes. I also believe in soul mates and love at first sight. Sometimes you just have to believe in something bigger than your mind.In this way, the soul mate script is fundamentally a happily-ever-after script.This script surely has a place in fairy tales, but not in real life.The idea of a soul mate comes from the ancient tale of Aristophanes, a comic playwright and contemporary of Plato.He told a story of some two-headed hermaphroditic giants who were cleaved apart by a jealous Zeus, fated thereafter to forever seek their other halves.This learning might be in the form of losing the soulmate, or in the form of the suffering that comes from knowing the soulmate and not being able to be together in this lifetime.This article also unknowingly reflects the female belief or desire for the "prince on the white charger to come and rescue her" (check the research !

But it made me believe that you can NEVER really know someone..what they want you to see. Plus there are too many people in the world for there only to be one.

The wide use of this explanation for the dissolution of marriage demonstrates that the soul mate notion overlooks a critical truth—that we are not static but are instead in a continual process of growth and change.

Of course, the speed of change depends on a number of factors: On the positive side, things like adaptability and openness to positive influence, and on the negative side, things like weakness of character and areas of unhealthy rigidity.

Can people be expected to keep on growing at the same rate?

"* How, then, do we reconcile the idea of soul mates or of finding “the One" with the frequently uttered statement “we've grown apart over the years”?

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In the book , author and philosopher May Sarton depicts the character of a wife who has outgrown her husband.

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