Shenae grimes dating jamie johnston

'It wasn't totally planned but we decided to let the fates determine when the timing was right for us to hop on this ride of a lifetime and evidently, they thought the time was now and I couldn't agree more,' she wrote.No, Jamie Lynn Spears, is dating and is 12 weeks pregnant by Casey Aldridge. No, Jamie is dating and is pregnant by Casey Aldridge. no they aren't dating, she is dating some 19 year old named casey and as for him, he is dating Erin sanders as of 2010. Jamie Lynn is curentlly (since February 2010) single. for those of you who dont know who he is, he was in the movie marie Antionette, he played count fersen.She also participated in You Tuber Freddie Wong's video "Gun Size Matters".

The video debuted on on October 17, 2011 and uploaded to Megan & Liz's You Tube channel the following day.According to the actress, she was at Buddha's temple at the time when the earthquakes first occurred.Consequently, she started a campaign called "Spread The Heart" with the aim of supporting Japan by victim relief after the events of the tsunami and earthquakes.Grimes appears in the 2010 silent short film Unzipped.She wrote and directed a 2010 music video for her song "Myself and I", which features an appearance by her 90210 co-star Ryan Eggold.

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