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The chat didn’t seem to have that much activity, and definitely not much sex activity, and really just felt like random people hanging out and talking about their day.

One thing I will say is that the chat asks for your gender before you go in, and you can see what everyone put as their gender to help you pick out what you’re looking for. Cute Lisa85 may actually be a big hairy dude getting off to your pics.The last two chat rooms worth mentioning are the trade contacts and trade porn chat rooms.These rooms were reasonable active, and it looked like people were interested in trading pics.i Sexy Chat is a straightforward chat site that markets itself as a place to have fun sexy chats with women (or men) around the world.The site asks you your gender and what you are interested in, and from there directs you to one of several chatrooms so you can start your journey of meeting someone to bust a nut with. Many of the chatrooms are filled with spammers, with hardly any girls and no proper understanding of the people you’re talking with.

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Anyway, I guess I should never underestimate human depravity, and I do know that an unsupervised chatroom can go really bad really fast.

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