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The third time I was about to orgasm he told me to cum for him! You all damn well know that if it was any other kink you would be like “Well she isn’t comfortable with this and you have to respect that and she might be feeling weird because she never thought of you that way.

Give her time” but just because it was pegging you were all like “find yourself a real women that will do it with pleasure.

Everyone who feels like sharing a story about sexual experiences can do so in this daily post.

Be it a new or an old story, be it extraordinary or rather common; anything - from happiness over losing your virginity or having your first orgasm, to sharing about the amazing, kink-filled weekend of debauchery you experienced - is appropriate to this thread.

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Is there any way of fixing this situation or have I just fucked everything up?

Your gf is an asshole, homophobic”I am so happy right now, after patiently waiting for a year in a half for the moment to come I don’t even care that we ended up doing it in my car (not that we didn’t have a bed to share) it made the moment feel spontaneous and the fact that it was unexpected made me love it so much more.

I can’t stop grinning at how good he made me feel!!

When I’m getting close I simply ask him, “can I come? People were gaslighting this guy and making excuses for her so much but at the same time they Preach for honest and healthy sex life while advocating for fake orgasms? Do you really think if he would ask her after her performance if it was fake she would’ve said “Yes”?

” and if he says no, I do my best to hold off until my permission is granted. It was not easy at first, and the second round very difficult. Second the pegging guy and unwilling girlfriend that also said she now felt weird after learning his kink.

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