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My father most always took all the family when he went to Kamloops, and sometimes we stayed at Kamloops several years at a time. They purchased the Palmer farm, one of the early commercial farms that shipped vegetables and milk to Kamloops and Vancouver.

Those big pack trains that carried the furs down in the summer and carried the goods 11 FUR TRADING POSTS IN THE OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN up in the fall travelled about fifteen miles a day. A member of the pioneer Norman family, she enjoyed her knitting and her work for the Armstrong Hospital Auxiliary.

After that, the combination of customs difficulties and the hostilities between whites and Indians in the Oregon Territory following the Walla Walla Council (May 1855) made an all-British route most desirable.

However, the fort continued to exist until 1860 when Francois Dechiquette, the last manager, was instructed to move to Similkameen and establish there a horse farm. Survived by wife Adeline; son David; daughters Betty Cooper, Tena Pitt-Brooke, Florence Mann. Andrew's United Church, where he was choir director for many years.

Joseph was born at Fort Okanagan in 1834 and baptized by Father Demers in 1838. Margaret, Salmon Arm Bork, Elizabeth, Okanagan Falls Borrett, Alan & Liz, Kelowna Boss, Bernice, Armstrong Boss, Rawleigh, Armstrong Bowen-Colthurst, Mr. L., Keremeos Finch, Hildred, Keremeos Finch, J., Vernon Findlay, Raymond W.

Although it was more than a decade before engineers of a British and American Joint Boundary Commission marked the exact location of the 49th parallel in our area, the Hudson's Bay Company, foreseeing the difficulties of carrying on their affairs in foreign territory — paying duty on furs passing down the Columbia to be shipped to markets in London or in other parts of the world, then paying duty on trade supplies imported — decided to relocate its posts on British soil. John Mc Loughlin, feeling the pressure of settlers moving into the Oregon Territory, had sent James Douglas to establish Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island. Author's Note: In 1974, the Archives of the Hudson's Bay Company were moved from London, England to the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. Judith Hudson Beattie, Keeper of the Hudson's Bay Archives, and her obliging and helpful staff of researchers. This cost us extra, but we believe it to be well worth while at this stage of our development.

When we left Okanagan the train usually got a late start and we did not go far the first day, probably about six or seven miles above the mouth of the river.

The next night we usually got about to where Salmon Creek comes into the Okanogan..second night after that we would get probably to Bonaparte Creek and the next night to Osoyoos Lake. 24-5) Fort Okanagan was more remarkable as a horse guard rather than for its field culture, a fact which is not surprising when one thinks of those great brigades of some 300 horses arriving and departing each year. In the proceedings Hudson's Bay Company vs United States Government referred to above, Alexander Caufield Anderson described the horse range, triangular in shape each side being 25-30 miles in length, one side extending up-river from the fort, the second along the range of hills towards the Okanagan Valley, and thence back down along the Okanagan River. 27) Reproduction of an old map on display at the Fort Okanogan Interpretive Center near Brewster, Washington. Up to four acres of garden were cultivated at the post.

The "...peas, cabbage and turnips..." which Emilius Simpson found at Fort Okanagan in October 1826 must have been welcome fare to the traveller from York Factory and a pleasant addition to the diet of fish, game and tea upon which company servants often depended. N., Journal of a Voyage Across the Continent of North America, 1826, Hudson's Bay Archives) In 1824, Governor George Simpson thought the fort's potatoes the finest he had seen in the country.

Simpson, who was very keen on fort agriculture, thought that "...grain in any quantity..." could be raised "..cultivation to any extent has 12 FUR TRADING POSTS IN THE OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN never been attempted." (HBC Arch., Research File, "Okanagan, Fort") However, Commander Wilkes in his report described the fort's location to be "..a poor, flat, sandy neck." (Wilkes, U. Exped.) The last brigade to bring its furs through Fort Okanagan arrived in 1847. For 10 years, he was host of "Counter Point Musical Hour." He was past President of North Okanagan Naturalist Club and the Vemon Film Society.

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For Membership Registration and Membership Certificate forms see the insert in this book. Editorial Inquires For editorial inquires concerning material in the Reports or for inclusions in future Reports, please contact the editor at Box 76, Enderby, B. Arthur Standquist 169 Obituaries We Shall Miss Them 171 Errata 184 O. 192 Oliver/Osoyoos Branch Report 192 Penticton Branch Report 193 Salmon Arm Branch Report 194 Similkameen Branch Report 194 Vernon Branch Report 195 Historical Trails Committee Report 196 Father Pandosy Mission Committee Report 197 Index Committee Report 197 Bagnall Committee Report 197 Fairview Lots Committee Report 198 Pioneer Graveyards Report 198 Project Interview Committee Report 198 O. The Hudson's Bay Company had hoped that the Columbia River might mark that boundary, everything south of the river going to the United States of America and everything north of the river remaining British. The Society has carried much on of this work elsewhere at Fairview. Chairman's Resignation: The Chairman advised the committee that he wishes to resign from the committee, inasmuch as he took over from Harley Hatfield about 15 years ago.

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