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Where in some nations, competition, flamboyance and individualism are celebrated, Swedes tend to strive towards a more middle-ground; the ultimate in neutrality.So, if they are so reserved, how can they be so liberal?She is best known for her work with the porn legend, John Holmes, and her DDD breasts.

The company produces and distributes some of Europe’s best-selling print titles as well as running dozens of adult websites and producing high-budget adult films for DVD and Video-On-Demand services.

From the cultural attitudes towards sex, laws on prostitution and pornography to Sweden’s porn viewing trends.

We bring you a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about Sex in this Scandinavian country.

Globally, the Swedish people have a reputation for being perfunctory and conformist.

They have a strong affinity to their society as well as a firm belief in their privacy.

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A famously liberal nation with progressive laws on equality and anti-discrimination, there is a stereotype of sexually promiscuous blonde Swedes that has perpetuated since the 1970s.

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