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If you are the kind of person that wants to skip the usual niceties of basic conversation, and boring unnecessary norms, chains placed by society that should be fought against, you know what I mean, stupid questions such as “hoe heet je? Conversation isn’t necessary, in fact, it’s positively discouraged. The classier and slightly less drunk Antelopes and Lions go to Bubbles.If you can’t decide which one to go to, think of if you were about to be executed and had a choice, would you take the electric chair (Bubbles) or lethal injection? I hope this helps with your goal of meeting singles in Amsterdam. My next choice can only be, any FEBO between 1 am to 3 am in the Pijp and Amsterdam Central is a great place to meet slightly merry, or outright drunk and single Lions and Antelopes.Also, don’t forget to join the Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook Group.Welcome to Chat Netherlands, the list of Chat Hour members in Netherlands.

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Mark: What I’m mostly doing is massages, having a chat with my clients, I play with their body, sometimes we watch porn together. I also get customers who’d like do SM and those who want to be chained. Mark: I imagine that he is a woman, I close my eyes and think about all the erotic things which I’ve done with girls in the past. So when I go to a private room with a client, I just do my work, delete it, next customer. Many people have hurt me in my life, so perhaps that’s why I’ve become so tough. I got a big fight with my ex-girlfriend and with my boss.

I don’t think about the guy which I’m having sex with, only when I open my eyes. It feels like a prostate massage, and I really enjoy that sometimes. And on one day, I did not only lost my job, but also my apartment and my girlfriend.

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My first book, the Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man, is split into sections based on the seven deadly sins.

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