Sedating a puppy for air travel

Larger puppies might need to fly in the baggage compartment of the plane.Details vary from one airline to the next, so you should call in advance to find out what yours allows.

Some airlines allow one puppy per passenger, while others might let you put two puppies together into a single carrier, as long as their combined weight doesn't exceed their limit. Some puppies might find the flight stressful, especially if they're not allowed in the cabin with you and must fly alone in baggage or as cargo.However, you should never sedate your puppy unless you first talk to your vet -- in many cases, sedation is dangerous.Also, because puppies have small bladders, you might end up with a mess if your flight is long.So there are risks in bringing your dog with you on a plane trip.On the other hand, there is no such thing as risk-free living, and maybe that early-June hike you’re planning for the Rockies would make your dog’s year as well.

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Is the stranger who bends to pet Zippy in the check-in line risking a snap or a bite?

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