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The ability of motherwort to relieve heart palpitations may also aid those with the generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) because often with mild anxiety there are heart palpitations that can cause further anxiety in the sufferer.

The reason for this beneficial effects is thought to be due to the antioxidant effects of leonurine on the tissue, which significantly decreases the damage caused by the free radicals generated from brain injury.

A number of chemicals belonging to the terpene group are known to be present in motherwort extracts including monoterpenes, diterpenes and triterpenes.

In addition, a number alkaloids have been identified including stachydrine and leonurine.

The herbal combination including motherwort significantly improved sleep quality in the men.

In another study, a motherwort extract in a tincture was administered to a group of subjects who were experiencing anxiety that was causing problems with colour perception.

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