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However her fear of losing him continues to make her consider abandoning him, until when Tsukune reunites with Inner Moka at Fairy Tale Headquarters he promises to help her in her battles and that she no longer is alone, a proclamation that finally ends Inner Moka's regret and doubt for being involved in Tsukune's life.Throughout the battle against Akuha, Inner Moka is stunned by his growth as a character and they finally take to battle together, synchronizing perfectly to dispatch her younger sister. Moka grew to care deeply for Tsukune since their first meeting, doing whatever she can for him.She almost heard Tsukune declare his love for her on his birthday, but the arrival of the rest of their friends ruined the moment.Because of such, this is one of Moka's more awkward friendships.

Tsukune finally pipes her down in the last episode of the second season.

The first vestiges of her feelings are shown in Tsukune's first descent into a Ghoul, where first Inner Moka desperately tries to protect Tsukune by trying to turn him away, and then by her emotional and grief-stricken reaction to trying to kill Tsukune to prevent his ghoul form from committing atrocities, even though she would have wanted him alive even as a monstrosity.

Against Hokuto she takes severe damage trying to protect Tsukune and once again tries to push him away to protect him, before getting caught up in the moment and grinning when she reflects on how self-less Tsukune is.

Inner Moka initially hated her, for attempting to take Tsukune, but still values her considerably.

However, by the end of the manga they are close, to the point where Kurumu almost convinced Moka to allow her to dive into Tsukune's dreams to become his lover in his dreams. He loves Moka and her sisters and is very supportive of Moka's relationship with Tsukune. Moka was an enternal symbol of Gyokuro's hatred for Akasha and as such they never had a particularly close relationship.

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