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Some people have been scammed by sex-chatbots, and there has even been a bot on Reddit that earned cryptocurrency simply by commenting inspiring quotes until people unmasked it as a bot.So as we are ‘merging’ more and more with our machines, it might also become more important to emphasize our differences to preserve our identity and autonomy.Details are scarce, but the idea is simple: Unicron expects to purchase and rent out sex robots by the hour to customers who want to make love to a life-size, talking Barbie with a vagina—as long as the robot agrees to it.The robots, made by sex-doll manufacturer Real Doll, can swivel their heads, move their mouths, and hold kinky conversations through a chatbot embedded in their skulls.And does that pose any problems, or does it simply feel eerie?Welcome, I think we have arrived in the uncanny valley.In the previous blog, I have talked about trust and the potential for deception.

Of course, tasks requiring human interactions are less prone to automation.For example, there are robot-companions being developed that might aid elderly struggling with Alzheimer’s by communicating with them.Virtual assistants, linked to extensive knowledge databases, are helping not only patients but also doctors to educate, diagnose and treat more efficiently.Actually, this deception is already starting to be quite problematic: on the internet we cannot easily distinguish bots from humans anymore, because we roam the net without using our body.We might realize that there may not be that much perceived difference between a human (perhaps hard to admit, but basically a complex biological robot) and an actual well-developed bot.

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