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In addition, you can try to update another device to see if there is any problem with the network. You can also give a hard restart to your i Pad when the i OS 12/13 update stuck and when the above suggestions went in vain.Another tip when you get update stuck issue with your i Pad is removing the i OS 12/13 software from your device and then downloading it again. To do this, just press and hold the 'Power' button and 'Home' button at the same time.Please note that all data and settings on your i Pad will be erased. import threading import time global_var = 0 class Thread Class(threading.Recently I needed to use threads in Py GTK to display progress bar. HBox(False, 20) main_box.pack_start(progressbar_box, False, False, 20) progressbar_box.pack_start(progressbar) info_box = gtk.Off course the state of progress bar was dependent on the other thread. This is the code: import threading import time import gtk def init_progressbar(): main_box = gtk. VBox() main_box.pack_start(info_box, False, False, 10) info_label = gtk.This time, we are going to cover the topic that the users are getting i Pad update stuck problem.

The reason for creating this package is that other progress bars use custom bar objects and/or widget tools, ignoring the builtin is that the progress bar information is available even after closing a notebook and killing its ipython kernel.When the connection is not stable, you might get stuck.We recommend that you use Wi Fi instead of cellular data.Hence, we recommend you to read this post and figure out what's bothering your i Pad and get it fixed with the solutions.Over the Air: When you try to update your i Pad over the air i.e.

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Keep doing this until Apple logo on the screen becomes visible.

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