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Pctrlllo took It his union officials and we were recently Informed that a budget of 0,000 had been approved to carry out up with the Idea." operated both the Blue and the Networks, go thru divorce wringer. Deal Includes all existing contracts with (See Four Nets Now On page SJ is also the owner of WMCA, Indie outlet In New York City, and was active In Washington as a New Deal exec.

Chairman of the civil Aeronautics Au- 'hectic bidding an'd days of conferences the sale of the Blue Network to Edward J. PLEASE former Side Show operator, is vacation Shows lost their first Monday night ing at Rogue River, Calif. Stuard Hare ypur nroiintl ptoijohilifni Htfir Miin August ol season here because of serious ncoi- Maher, niece ol Mrs. Watit ror Puieii nnil Ride Help for Itiriee-0, Tilt-a-Wliirl.

"The President has had that In mind orchestras for years. which owned the National Broad- Company as well as the Blue, has been accepting bids for the aaure ever since Ite organization as a separate entity in January, 1942.

"When Petrl Uo called In December, the President suggested to him that tlie American Federation of Musicians ought to do It entirely free. Blue was born, a.s everyone knows, as rcs\ilt FCO ruling that NBO, which, then web ^ No t Tndcrseoretary Strings The buy was a straight and outright purchase of Blue Network, Inc., stock, 1.000 shares at no par value, from ECA.

Besides many of them like the go to the Collector of Internal Revenue. The tax problem will be greater this First Taste, "Early to Bed?

' year, as night clubs are enjoying the most prosperous season In history. WILLIAMS GROVE PARK Outleeic Excellent for This Yoar— "Our old friends and concessionaires given preference on limited space available." Can place Concessions and a Couple Good Shows.

President Roosevelt has finally^ entered the Petrl Uo controversy. As la Casino, Ics Bitc gallant efforts by Amcrlc.'it\ ana Beer is 25 centa a aritish Bed Cross and British Denart- Bosphores Is alwaya full, not baci UM o£ nent o J National Service Entertalnnient. the gross doubled last year's, and this years shows used the regular circus lot, J.

Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest m In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. BO Girls as Well as New been giving burly the go-by.

Noble for a nonchalant S8,000,000 In cool cash was announced yesterday by the Radio Corporation of America. S 40-41 0-11 Radio Recfirrt Tliiyinff 29 Itcpprtoiro Oui Jo .64 & 00 2R Hub's 2 Burly Houses Plan Aug. July 31.—The Hub'fl two palaces of burlesque, Old Howard and Globe, have announced their opening dates for the coming season. Merrj-Go-Knnnri, Knll-iident en route in which one man was was a frequent visitor.

casting thority (1938-'39) and of Commerce (1939-''t0). Where formerly the Old Howard began the new season In late August, the opening this year (after being closed for a little over a month) is set for August 13. Lohere after a three-day trip to Los Angeles cation, circus lot. Roberta Kortc, Planc, Chnlr-f LIQHT WEIQHT BINGO CARD& on Blaclc ictained t1.26.

will gobble up most of the profits, they sliindiuds even tho critics didn't think ? & FDR Sides from a Dave planning In Latest Miller-Petrillo sic On Fracas on Free Longhair — and go thru tho country playing for people the Kest possible music.

He thought the musicians should go to places yfhlch ordinarily do not hoar the best music, and charge only a nominal admission fee.

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July 31.—tenytng report* Jacobs wanted Madison that Revlowi, 1 Tj-Kit; in Orchvstinft H Rndlo Ri'corda Vnndo 1 ; Jlfnkfi-Sk Mem lloari Hlmw Filmn Routu, late summer fights, Hal Olver, for the management, eald that the show after that date would start a 32-week tour with dates In Kansas City. Three spots arc said to be interested In having Spangles for the week following Its New York closing, but (See Spangles in garden on page 56) r.r. "Wolper, of the Hurricane, Is two sliows to hit Broadway this fall.

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