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Rana Daggubati was born on December 14, 1984 in Chennai Tamil Nadu India. Since it concerns two celebrities, it always becomes a bigger deal than usual.The gossips about Rana and Prabhas’s relationship statuses were cleared.The episode had been a fun filled one with the three superstars being their own selves.Prabhas on relationship rumours with Anushka: Prabhas who is very rarely seen on talk shows was also seen opening up about his life on the show.He finally gave an answer to the rumours doing rounds about him dating Anushka Shetty.Rana said that they have been friends for about a decade.He admitted that currently his relationship status was single.

Rajamouli had been particularly amazed by the “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali” question that was spreading like wildfire on social media.Rajamouli said that Prabhas was a huge foodie and he regularly treats his close ones with huge meals at his farmhouse.Rajamouli was of the opinion that it would be Rana who would get married first among the duo.Rana also voted in for Prabhas saying that he and Anushka had not been dating. Revelations by Rajamouli: There were several other revelations by the stars.When Karan told that she was seen playing his wife and his mother in the movie and thus it was complicated, Prabhas chipped in with the reply of ‘Exactly, see, how can I date her.? Rajamouli revealed about the characters of both the actors, he said that Rana Daggubati was more of an extrovert kind of a person who loved to party and was more social , surprisingly and on the contrary Prabhas was comparatively a more shy person who does not interact much in spite of being such a big star.

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Rana and Trisha’s relationship had been the talk of the town.

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