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Lambton plans to spend a few weeks with her over the holidays in her hometown.Lambton’s father says that finding this woman is one of the reasons Chris can’t regret doing the show.The Lambtons sell their company T-shirts to raise money for the group.CCALS’s executive director, Ron Hoffman, says Chris has become somewhat of a celebrity spokesman, participating in walks and runs. Lambton’s season of “The Bachelorette’’ continues to re-air, debuting in country after country. That means Lambton gets waves of international mail. He keeps a plastic tub filled with fan mail in his kitchen.Execs promised him that they’d keep his family close by and that he could choose the location of the vacations he’d take with his potential mates.(ABC declined to comment for this story and told the Globe that Lambton was unavailable as well.)According to Lambton, ABC upped its initial salary offer (he wouldn’t say how much, but another insider said it would have been in the mid six figures). His 61-year-old father, Ed, a prolific poet and former English teacher, works with them.There are love notes from single women who’ve lost parents.Mothers have sent him notes about their single daughters.

He admits that he might watch when the new season premieres Jan.As Ed sees it, his son’s notoriety has enabled him to do some good.Chris has helped raise thousands of dollars for local causes, including the Franciscan Children’s Hospital, the NOAH Center in Hyannis, and Compassionate Caring ALS, an organization that helped the Lambtons during Marjorie’s diagnosis.3 — with Brad Womack taking his place in the throne — partly because he suspects that the women chosen as contestants were cast with him in mind.“One of those women could have been my wife,’’ he says, looking a bit skeptical as he says the words.

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