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Your employees are your most important asset because it takes happy employees to create happy customers.

Your employee experience drives your guest experience and your guest experience drives guest loyalty, word of mouth and sales.

They probably think they know a great deal about you, too.

Add in that you write the schedules, assign stations, issue reprimands and write-ups: In other words, you control the situation. At some point in your career, you may find it very tempting to have a drink, then date, or (in corporate language) fraternize with your employees. (There are no secrets in the restaurant business.) Eventually, someone will confront you.

Better systems not only ensure a more predictable guest experience, but also make the restaurant less dependent on the owner’s constant involvement in daily operations.

One or more crucial mistakes at this stage can doom your restaurant before it even opens.

That can be uncomfortable for both parties as well as for co-workers. Her work has been published in "Entrepreneur," "Complete Woman" and "Toastmaster," among many other trade and professional publications.

After all, the workplace is where most people spend the majority of their waking hours.

At the time, it seems simple: You're attracted to someone at work, and he or she is attracted to you.

You share the same hours and some of the same interests. But getting intimate with an employee is deceptively complicated.

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know that getting it open was the easy part. We can give you insights and tools to help you turn your restaurant into a better, more profitable business and operate the way it should without you having to be there all the time.

Learn More One or more crucial mistakes at this stage can doom your restaurant before it even opens.

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