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If successfully implemented, the requirements may be expanded to cover unlisted public companies, nonprofits, and large companies or employers.Public companies that might be subject to these laws should start planning now, including considering topics such as board succession planning to identify qualified directors, and amending governing documents to permit increasing the board size to comply.

E-Verify is an electronic program through which employers verify the employment eligibility of their employees to work in the U.

The Illinois bill is more expansive, as it requires at least one female director and one African American director on the board by 12/31/2020 (though the number of “designated seats” does not increase as board size increases).

Much like the California law, publically held corporations whose principal executive offices are in Illinois may increase the number of directors on its board in order to comply with this proposed legislation.

New Jersey and Maryland do, and Florida amended its autism mandate to include Down syndrome.

Disability advocates say they expect grassroots efforts like Missouri’s to spread.

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