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Obama has also been spotted at clubs and hitting the streets of New York City with her bodyguards in tow.Though with her confidence and height of over six feet tall, Obama could probably handle her own!The Harvard-Yale football rivalry has been ongoing since the first game (then a rugby match) in 1875, when Harvard beat Yale 4-0.It is still widely celebrated each year on the date of the annual football game, by students and alumni from both schools the world over.Now that her reported beau has been revealed, Obama no longer has to hit the streets of New York City with just her bodyguards in tow.

Unfortunately, Obama also seems to have developed the addictive smoking habit. , she discussed Barack Obama's former smoking habit, "I know that his ability to ultimately kick the habit was because of the girls, because they're at the age now where you can't hide.Dating the former president's daughter doesn't exactly create the best opportunity for anonymity but the couple seems to still be going strong regardless.Here's everything you should know about Farquharson.Charles Farquharson obtained a law degree from Cambridge University and is now a chief executive at an investment firm in London.reported that Farquharson grew up across the pond and attended a private boarding school where he was a member of the chemistry club.

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  1. From the moment the guy gathers the courage to go ask the girl out on a date, there is awkwardness in the manner in which the guy asks and there is an almost equal awkwardness in the manner in which the girl accepts this invitation.