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The fix I suggested above does not work and the suggestion that the bug is related to bug #43617 is now unfounded. This is not a good fix since if you specified Inno DB tables, you probably need them.Here are the "fixes" I have been able to figure out. 2) If you include "SET timestamp=timestamp", where timestamp is a column with TIMESTAMP(14) or something like that, then My SQL will not change the timestamp field.

I don't set this value on an update as I assume the database does so. It also appears to not use milliseconds, just seconds so 2 selects followed by 2 updates that all occured in under a second would allow a write of old data over newer data (I use this to stop read 1, read 2, update 1, update 2). And if so how do I handle this because without this capability we cannot support My Sql for our upcoming portal.* With neither DEFAULT nor ON UPDATE clauses, it is the same as DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.This bug silently makes Slave out of sync in replication from 5.0 to 5.1 (Because on 5.0 Master TIMESTAMP is not updated).* * Up to this point, the update seems to be working as advertised.We are updating a row, * but we are updating it with a value which does not change the value of anything in the row.

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