My xbox 360 froze while updating disable dating in rogers

Although that is just a theory that the HDDs might have something to do with it.My Xbox is also set to be fully turned off and no background xbox was doing the same thing so i did some research and after awhile of digging i heard ants can be inside so i went too my xbox and moved it a little and millions of ants came took awhile but i finally got they all out and my xbox works fine now.Although freezing issues can indicate a severe problem, most times these issues can be solved fairly simply. The most common problem with Xbox 360s is that they are positioned in a way that hinders their ventilation, which can cause them to overheat and then freeze.Place your Xbox 360 side down (like the picture above) and place it far away from heat sources.I do use the Xbox app on Windows 10 as well as on my phone, but as far as I know, these cannot turn the console on (they can connect to the console, however it needs to be on first before they can). My Kinect is no longer connected to my Xbox and it still happens.

But then again, some classic GB trolling to work me back in wasn't half bad either. Haven't been able to get a system update to work off of a flashdrive yet though. Edit Two: About 5 months later this is still going on.Do Xbox One's have some sort of Wake on LAN feature that is hidden?Xbox One supports HDMI CEC standard, which is enabled by default (as opposed to PS4 where it seems off by default afaik).If you have a newer TV which also supports this feature, and the XBox is connected using HDMI then it may be turning on whenever you turn on the TV.

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