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Cheating men have a visible proclivity to be reckless. A gnawing feeling of Inadequacy is a major prelude to an urge to cheat.

It would be helpful for men that are contemplating cheating to think long and hard if the affair is worth hurting or possibly losing the ones that they proclaim to love most. Men (and women) indulge in cheating when they feel inadequate.

Seeking attention outside a relationship is a sign that they were made to feel inadequate by their partners. Why men have emotional affairs and not just physical is because of shame, this is why people cheat.

Looking for attention outside of a relationship is a prominent sign of an emerging betrayal in a relationship and the reason why men cheat. I know that sounds ironic and like a cart-horse dilemma since many people become ashamed getting caught cheating.

As a therapist, I help people navigate the challenging task of negotiating sexual needs with their partners, rather than resort to cheating or unnecessary breakups.

In many many cases, couples decide to stay together as a result.

Many men feel they work hard for their families, they internalize their emotions, can feel they have been doing much and not receiving enough in return, thi is why men cheat.

The affair offers the opportunity to receive admiration, approval, new attention, seeing themselves anew in someone else’s eyes.

If you ask what percentage of men cheat and what percentage of women cheat, it’s not surprising that men are 7 percent more likely to cheat than women are. The statistics confirm that men are more likely to cheat than women, but it’s far from revealing that all men cheat. However, psychologically, there are factors that makes men cheat more than women do. Males, in general, will have a myriad of reasons why they engage in extramarital affairs.

From my clinical experience, I have noticed a common theme of emotional immaturity with those that act on the emotional and physical aspects of cheating.

Lacking the maturity to invest the time, commitment, and energy to work through core issues within their marital relationship is why men cheat, well, at least some of them.

The closer any of us gets to someone we love, the more familiar and familial the bond becomes, and therefore the more difficult it is to seek pleasure as individuals–especially when it comes to sex and romance–without potentially hurting the other person in some way, and feeling shame as a result.

Rather than risk the shame of exposing their desires and getting rejected, many men decide to have it both ways: a safe, secure and loving relationship at home; and an exciting, liberating, sexual relationship elsewhere, this is why men cheat.

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