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What a generous, large-hearted, roaring wonder of a person I get to walk around and do stuff with. Thanks for making my life infinitely more all of it, @dkharbour ❤️” / (c) Alison Sudol/Instagram Like we said, we don’t know the reason for the split, but the timing of us finding out is noteworthy — and helps to explain something that happened earlier this month.

" - found the whole thing hilarious."Bec found it so funny," he said.However, when you add in the fact he and his GF just split — and Lily recently broke up with Meridian Dan, her boyfriend of three years…Well, it’s certainly inneresting, anyway.Like we said, it turns out David is quite the ladies’ man.Whether you love or hate the bright colors, busy patterns, and slimmer cuts, you have to admire the guys’ creativity…We all know ladies want passion, excitement, romance, or a mix of the three in bed.And seriously, what’s sexier than data, graphs, and, wait for it… Enter Spreadsheets, the new app from Ardenturous Labs in Silicon Beach, Los…The two teenagers charged in the heartbreaking case of Rehtaeh Parsons, the 17-year-old who was cyberbullied after a photograph of her allegedly being sexually assaulted was passed around her school, appeared in court last week.

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