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I sat on the sofa as I lifted my dress as I took the jar of peanut butter and spread some onto my clit. The big lab was licking my pussy as he lapped at the peanut butter. I was surprised at just how good it felt as he took long licks with that hot tongue.I lifted his head and guided him to the goo I had placed on my pussy. I then reached down and rubbed his dog cock as he lapped at my wet pussy. I took my hand and slowly stroked his dog cock as the big red end slipped from its sheath.I am married and my husband gives me plenty of cock, but I still crave more.I am overweight and shy when it comes to finding a man. My breasts are very large and I love to masturbate, a lots!I knew it was the next door neighbour’s dog from the size of him.

I spread my thighs wide and took his hard dog cock, guiding it to my twitching pussy. He was so big now, almost as big as any man’s cock I have ever seen. He was filling me with that prick as he hunched me faster, slamming his cock deeper with each thrust he made.

To begin with, let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a middle aged lady who has a strong sex drive.

He looked at me with those big eyes as if to say, “You didn’t let me cum. I want you to take care of it.” About that time, I heard my doorbell ringing as the next door neighbours had gotten back home.

I jumped up as my own cum dripped down my thighs and went to the door.

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