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If you want to dance “musically”, you have to know what the MUSIC is doing. Your body language will show exactly how you feel in that moment. A song you love, lots of breaks, lots of changes in instruments and rhythms. If you don’t know the person, you don’t want to make the lady feel threatened or nervous. I know I did at first because it was very different from how I was accustomed to dancing.

Once you become familiar with the instruments and the structure and transitions, you will start to become aware of more sounds, more rhythms, etc. I can go on and on about this topic because this one is a common misconception that I see all the time. There are so many caribbean people there and caribbean people love their music and dance!

When you compare “street” with “studio”, it is two very different worlds.The best party that I have EVER been to non festival related was in holland! From what I’m told , his Bachata parties are twice a month in Goirle. just dancing WITH their partners and not FOR their partners. When I go out, I go for the music and not so much for the dance. – The moves I come up with happen at very random times.I loved the party because of the mix of people , the music was GREAT ! There were women asking men to dance, the floor was packed the whole time, and the people were just getting their groove on! Sometimes I will be sitting at work and accidentally come up with something.– In 2003, i met a lady through a friend, we ended up dating and she enjoyed dancing. But he is the only other person i know in the family that dances. – Yes, 100%, without a doubt, I truly believe that when you understand what is happening with the music it will not only improve your dancing, but also increase the feeling and connection you have with every song.At the time, I thought dancing was “only for girls” so when we would go out to the latin clubs, she would be on the dance floor dancing all night and I would be sitting on the couches by myself. In Bachata and many other kinds of dance, the moves are connected to the timing of the music, the playfulness is connected to the feeling, the feeling is connected to the instruments/rhythm of the song. I enjoy watching people dance, and when I see someone that is just enjoying the music and dancing as if nobody is watching… The timing is the same, but the feel, the flow, themovement is VERY VERY DIFFERENT!

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, better known as Carlos Cinta, might be the most famous Bachatero in the world.

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