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That same year, he was ejected from a playoff game for lightly and heatedly chest bumping another official.AK (Anthony Kiedis) from Red Hot Chilie Peppers should of gotten kicked out the game for yelling profanities and flipping the bird to Chris Paul and the #Rockets staff.Carmelo Anthony is pleasantly surprised his bestie didn't earn a longer absence. Or maybe he's being treated too harshly relative to the context of the game. Does he miss knowing what it feels like to make a three-pointer?Van De Weghe says this was a little less severe than some of the fights in the NBA's past because it didn't spill into the stands, but feels the NBA is "sending a clear message that this is not acceptable and you cannot do this."Everyone is talking about Paul and Rondo, but let us not forget about the gatekeeper to what Charles Oakley would call a pillow fight. Did Le Bron James ground him for missing curfew earlier in the week? SKRh Tzi Paul's reaction instantly becomes understandable if Rondo deliberately used his mouth as a spittle cannon. I know at one point they both wanted to be known as the best point guard, but it's got to be more than that.The "Macho-Person Code for People Who Aren't Macho" stipulates projectile slobber must be swiftly met with a boop in the face. There always is, and I don't know what it is, but there's no love lost, there's no doubt about that."Paul Pierce, a former teammate of both players, shares Rivers' sentiments."I am not surprised at all," Pierce said on ESPN.

Or maybe Paul exacted revenge on Rondo at some point Saturday, telling him, "I've signed a bunch of max contracts, and you're never gonna get one."that Rondo's girlfriend shoved Jada Paul, who was sitting next to Savannah James, Le Bron's wife.I had been forewarned that this interview could go a few different ways—that Rondo, depending on his mood, could be combative, surly, contrarian, thoughtful, generous, or all of the above, all in the space of a few minutes.That made me a bit nervous as I read off to him a list of words that coaches, teammates, and sports pundits have used to describe him: eccentric, mercurial, enigmatic, quirky, odd, unconventional, and, hardest for me to get out, a cancer. It’s a complex face that, like the man himself, is inscrutable: soft and fierce, boyish and hardened.He also has a way of getting in your face—or at least the faces of coaches, refs, and opponents—a notoriety that has dogged him throughout his career and is the chief reason he finds himself here in Chicago, playing for his fourth team in three seasons.He is a man full of contradictions—prodigy smart and ruthlessly competitive on and off the court.

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Did he just now realize Derrick Rose's haircut is better?

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