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I apologize to prince10 and you guys for taking it way too far.I know how hard it is to come out of the closet and I’ve been there.Versace said he did so because he wanted to be “left alone.” Versace said that he told Perez that he was going to share the messages if the nastiness didn’t stop.

Mindless behavior, omg but i jacoblatimore mindlessbehavior.

Jacob Perez kidnapped Serenity Jackson because he wanted to let Serenity to be in love with him but she doesn't feels the same way about him long story short Serenity is in love with him she cares about him but she doesn't know that when they were in School together As a child Zendaya has always been taught the ways of love , and the ways of who to love , and frankly she had been following these set rules . With a friend dead, an envious ex boyfriend , and a new love driven girlfriend , what choices will Zendaya make ? What happens when Walter~Mindless Behavior's Head Manager(also uncle) scores a deal with Paris's dad to work together with him on their next album.

Paris had a bad past with the dating life she was sure she was done with it, at the age of 16 living with both her parents in West-brooks, LA and her annoying 14 year old brother Angel. This involves having the one and only mindless behavior live at Paris's mansion along with her family for the nest 1 year or possibly more?

But what I can say is that my intent was not to “out” him.

It was to show that he’s a bully and a stalker and also it was done out of temporary anger.

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