Invalidating query cache entries key mysql

The documentation is still rather new and thin, and I was puzzled that it seems to revolve 100% around the use case of My SQL as a document store to compete with Mongo DB.

If it's mostly just around new-developer friendliness, I worry that My SQL has more of an (admittedly somewhat exaggerated) reputation as the "PHP of databases" right now: it's easy to use out of the box, but in a way that doesn't discourage poor practice and results in traps and land-mines for future development.

The "X" comes from it being a crossover/hybrid protocol between SQL and a CRUD API.

It has a lot of modern protocol features, and uses protobufs, which makes it easy to add new driver support.

It's still a bit unfair to say, because we have more My SQL than Postgres nodes, but Postgres just seems to work so currently it requires no attention.

Barman doesn't make daily backups, but continuously every transaction.

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