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Sango: One of the other three who are girls is Kagome. Kouga: I paid to come here so I can make sure you don't Kagome. Sango: Yes we had voice masks on them so they don't give themselves away. That was Kagome's idea; I must thank her for that, later.

Inuyasha: So out of the 4 people one is male, the other three are girls including Kagome? Kouga: I'll keep my finger crossed that you DON'T get my Kagome. Sango: Everyone, shut up, we're on a time limit here.

has more because the main cople in it is them realy, because… Remember, it has to be appropriate for the age group.

There's also she also has made a few games : D If you…

While several videos entitled "Inuyasha The Movie 5" and related titles, including the fan-made title "The Final Confrontation" are still up on the web, most date from 2008 or earlier and are clearly fan-made and completely unofficial. i know this because i myself am trying to find some girl sim dates I'm just adding to this with a couple of places with a few sim dates for girls.

well there are 2 console games which are Inuyasha: the secret of the cursed mask, which is for playstation 2, and theres Inuyasha: secret of the divin jewel. Firstly there's she's made about 5 games that I really enjoyed.

Kagome has become obsessed with playing dating sims.

She ironically becomes trapped inside a game, and must now choose a love interest.

Inu Taisho: Sit back down, Sesshomaru, I'm trying to watch this.

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Inuyasha: No, no, no I don't want a freakin' date, and you can't make me. I've already tried Sesshomaru, Kouga AND Naraku and I'm all out of options and Kagome offered you, so you're up. Sango: Inuyasha, can you please be positive this once? If anyone's queer it's Hobo-Sango: His name is Hojo-come on Inuyasha if this helps, there's only one male. Miroku: If it helps to shut you up than yes, you may. Contestant 4: Well obviously…Inuyasha: They all sound alike?

There are kids watching this, Kohaku, Rin, Shippou cover your ears. Fuck…Miroku: -Inuyasha: Bite me, goddamnit Sango I quit I ain't a friggin' homo. Contestant 2: Nope, my heart is set on someone else Contestant 3: Yes!

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doesnt have many in the case of Inuyasha and kagome because you can choose your who your character (female or male main character of the game) ends up with. Because the previous answer was junk, I'll improve for you.

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